TellJO asks your customers if they are OK.

Received a link to a TellJO wellbeing check? Click here

When it comes to vulnerable customers, we believe that

Are you ok?

is the only way to start the conversation.

How TellJO works


A customer is sent a link to a TellJO wellbeing check, based on your objectives this could be after a missed payment or period of non-engagement. The message asks:

Are you ok

When they respond, we chat. In an average chat time of 7 minutes, TellJO asks around 90 questions.


We use 63 indicators of vulnerability and automatically refer those identified to your wellbeing or customer teams.


We use hard signposting to offer support when the customer gives consent:

Are you ok

Payment Arrangement Request – Over three quarters of people who talk to TellJO ask to pay their arrears.

Are you ok

Water Utility – over half of customers request to go onto Social Tariffs, Priority Service Register and be recorded as vulnerable for the purpose of collections.

Are you ok

Debt Advice – within 60 seconds of receiving the signpost 43% of people called debt advice.

We use “Soft Signposts” to help your customers with specific issues using specialist 3rd Sector organisations.

In our experience:

Are you ok

May be experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Are you ok

May be experiencing addiction.

Are you ok

Will talk about domestic abuse.

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You can access our live reporting suite on a regional and individual basis.

Organisations love TellJO
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Organisations love TellJO.
And so do their customers.

Amazing to know there is help out there
The assessment made me see I was burying my head in the sand
It was just the kick up the bum I needed
It was the first time I had seen everything written down and it made me see I needed help
If it was not for the assessment, I wouldn’t have a payment plan in place to repay my council tax arrears

Awards and recognition

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Proud to be listed by the Credit & Collections Technology Awards for our work in Vulnerable Customer Identification

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Proud to be recognized by the Credit & Collections Technology Awards for Digital Transformation

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Proud to be commended at the IRRV Performance Awards for our focus on Social Inclusion

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Proud recipients of a Sustainability Grant from Innovate UK