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What is a TellJO wellbeing check?

Organisations partner with TellJO to offer their customers a free digital wellbeing check. If you’re experiencing any difficulties during the cost-of-living crisis, or as a result of changing circumstances, a wellbeing check can offer you personalised support signposts.

You will have received a link in an email or text message. It will take you through some questions to help understand your current wellbeing level.

It takes approximately 7 minutes to complete and will offer you signposts to relevant support based on your answers, this could be for financial help or based on your mental or physical health. If you give consent, TellJO will also pass the information back to the organisation to help them better support you.

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What customers say about us

I was at rock bottom when I was introduced to TellJO. I can't describe what a relief it was to get some help - a light at the end of the tunnel.