Collect - Use TellJO to create payment arrangements from disengaged customers

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Chasing arrears is expensive for everyone
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Prevention is always cheaper
than crisis resolution

TellJO can be used as an effective arrears management tool.

By sending a wellbeing check early on, you can remove the need for enforcement and avoid the costs of chasing payments, managing complaints, and providing additional services for vulnerability.

Of those that talk to us…

75% will immediately request a payment arrangement.

Less than 9% of customers in arrears are likely to have savings.
TellJO helps you to avoid adding to their debt.

They can’t afford enforcement costs:

  • £235 for a home call-out
  • £110 for taking and selling belongings
  • £75 for your letter informing them about your debt

Prevention is always cheaper for both the business and customer.  We make it possible to reach generate payment arrangements with a compassionate approach promoting social responsibility and removing undue stress.

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Digital Transformation

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