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TellJO is an early prevention tool to prevent crisis

Our Mission

We at TellJO want to be a force for good!

We want to use TellJO to dramatically reduce Financial Exclusion and payment arrears in the UK, whilst at the same time building mental and financial resilience within hard to reach groups. We want to be relentless in helping to solve the underlying issues that lead to payment arrears such as poor mental health, low financial capability and poor affordability.

On the frontline we have tested the hypothesis that the reason people get into arrears is not intentional, but due to solvable underlying reasons. By fixing the arrears crisis, we will also reduce the stress and anxiety that goes with living in unmanageable debt.

Supported by:

0 Million Pounds
the amount the Yorkshire Building society was fined by the FCA for unfairly treating mortgage borrowers when they were struggling with repayments
0 Million Pounds
the amount online gambling firm 888 was fined for not helping vulnerable customers to limit the damage of their gambling addictions
0 Million People
in the UK, display one or more characteristics that signal their potential vulnerability.
0 Million People
in the UK, are having difficulties paying their monthly bills
0 Million People
in the UK will experience a mental health issue this year, that’s 1 in 4 of us.
0 Million People
in the UK have savings of less than £100.

How will TellJO help your business?

TellJO enables motivated responsible companies to achieve their core values.

By resolving customers underlying reasons for financial distress, TellJO will improve payment and engagement rates.

TellJO will give a digital evidence base for identifying and supporting vulnerable customers.

TellJO will offer advice on how best to support customers whilst they build their capability.

TellJO will assess and feedback to organisations; customer levels of vulnerability, capability and affordability.

Utilising the latest in machine learning TellJO cross references the self-assessment response with the response times and customer inputs made during the process to verify behaviours

How will TellJO help your customers?

A free to user self-assessment, utilising the latest gamification and behavioural science to drive engagement.

A way to engage positively with the originating organisation.

An action plan to address the underlying causes of financial distress.

A explicit consent driven system to ensure customer fully empowered with their data

A frictionless referral system to partners in the best position to support and build capability