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How we protect your data

We take privacy and data security very seriously. Information shared by those who take a wellbeing check will be stored only if you give us consent to do so.

At the end of the wellbeing check we ask for your consent to use your data twice.
• once to ask if TellJO can store the data, as we may reach out to support you.
• once to pass the data to the organisation who sent you the wellbeing check.

If you give us consent to store your data, non personalised data will contribute to our National Wellbeing Index, this shows percentages for wellbeing indicators in the UK, it does not include any personally identifiable information.

We store and manage data securely, to the highest industry and professional standards, in compliance with data protection laws.

For full information please see our Privacy Policy.

Storing your data

All the information you share with us and give consent to store is stored according to strict security standards.

Who can access my personally identifiable information?

Only a very limited number of TellJO staff will have access to identifiable data once you have given us permission to store it. This is to make it possible for us to reach out to you and offer further support or to communicate with you as part of ongoing support.

Our data promise

We will always ask for your explicit consent to share your data where it may positively impact your wellbeing.

Fully compliant data security

  • High encription standards
  • Two stage authenticatiion
  • GPR Compliant
  • SSL Certified
  • Cyber Essentials Plus certification
    & high encription standards
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