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We proactively use technology to improve customer wellbeing and prevent crisis situations, such as debt and homelessness.

The cost-of-living crisis or an unexpected change in circumstances can make life difficult. Whether it’s bills mounting up, increased stress or other physical and mental health issues, it can be hard to know where to go for support. Or even how to ask for it.

That’s why a wellbeing check starts with the question ‘Are you ok?’.

Assess vulnerability
Reduce legal action
Refer to wellbeing teams
Prevent homelessness
Save money
Engage early
Recover late payments

Why TellJO

We work with organisations to proactively offer their customers a wellbeing check. In some cases, this is to customers who have missed payments or have arrears.

This is because we believe the current system is broken and the way arrears are pursued often causes harm and pushes people further into debt.

If we can help organisations understand the reasons for a customer’s non-payment, we can help build long-term resilience and wellbeing for both the customer and organisation. Saving the customer stress, reducing the risk of enforcement and associated costs for both the business and the customer.

We believe Social Responsibility for any organisation should be a standard.

Our vision

To empower organisations to harness the power of digital and data to promote wellbeing for those hardest to reach.

Our values

We put Social Value above profit. We see pure profit as a dated concept. Our focus is on making the world a better place for everyone.

Our Senior Team

Telljo team

Dominic Maxwell

Co-founder and Director

Dom has worked in financial capability/exclusion for 20 years and has a broad knowledge of vulnerability. TellJO is a scalable evolution of Dom’s work directly supporting vulnerable people who had entered into crisis.

Telljo team

Charlotte Westbrook

Wellbeing Coach

Charlotte supports our customer’s wellbeing teams so that they have the tools to engage and help their vulnerable residents.

Telljo team

Luke Lindner

Software Engineer

Software Engineer by trade, teacher by heart. Experienced in Financial Services / Banking and eCommerce spaces, for medium to large international organisations.

Telljo team

Zoe Beeston

Marketing Manager

An experienced marketer, Zoe is committed to help organisations identify and protect their vulnerable customers using TellJO’s award-winning prevention platform.

Telljo team

Michelle Maxwell

Social Value Manager

A qualified registered nurse. Michelle is tasked to deliver TellJO to B Corp status and maximise Social Value opportunities for both TellJO and TellJO's customers.

Telljo team

Rob Harlow


Commercially driven technical business leader, seasoned developer. Programming polyglot for over 20 years, experienced building everything from websites to distributed CRM platforms, coding in 30+ languages from ASP.net to zsh.

Telljo team

Dr.Thomas Richardson

Senior Advisor

Thomas is an accredited Clinical Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and an expert on the relationship between debt/financial difficulties and mental health problems.

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