Our mission goals in numbers:

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the amount of people we want help each year!
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the amount we want to donate to charity each year!
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of TellJO customers go onto being mentally and financially resilient!
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 As a social innovation company, we commit to giving £1 in every £10 profit to mental health charities

Mission Statement:

We at Telljo want to be a force for good, and help dramatically reduce Financial Exclusion in the UK.
We want to be relentless in helping to solve the underlying issues that lead to payment arrears such as poor mental health, low financial capability and poor affordability.

We believe the reason people get into arrears is not intentional, but due to solvable underlying reasons. By fixing the arrears crisis, we will also reduce the stress and anxiety that goes with living in unmanageable debt.

About us

TellJO is a social innovation company that uses technology and behavioural science to engage with hard to reach groups. Measuring customer responses and utilising machine learning Telljo understands customer support needs.

With this information Telljo is able to refer the customer to relevant services and support creditors with their management of vulnerable customers.