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SHORT CORONAVIRUS FINANCIAL AND HEALTH IMPACT ASSESSMENT – We have developed a short form assessment to proactively engage with residents, establishing if they have Covid 19 symptoms, need support self isolating or help with their rent payments, temporary TellJO licences available, immediate onboarding.

Our Mission

Help as many people struggling with life's difficulties as possible

Our Values

We put Social Value above profit, we see pure profit as a dated concept, when we should be focusing on making the world a better place for everyone


We will only work with companies who have similar aims and values to ourselves, We will never compromise on the trust of our customer

Our Team

Dominic Maxwell

Co-founder and Director

Dom has worked in financial capability/exclusion for 20 years and has a broad knowledge of vulnerability. TellJO is a scalable evolution of Dom’s work directly supporting vulnerable people who had entered into crisis.

Rob Harlow


Commercially driven technical business leader, seasoned developer. Programming polyglot for over 20 years, experienced building everything from websites to distributed CRM platforms, coding in 30+ languages from to zsh.

Dr.Thomas Richardson

Senior Advisor

Thomas is an accredited Clinical Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and an expert on the relationship between debt/financial difficulties and mental health problems.

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Why TellJO...

We believe that the current system is broken, the way arrears are pursued often causes harm and inequality. Everyone misses a payment for a reason, nobody wants the stress and indignity of being chased for money. The reasons for getting into crisis are what we call the vulnerabilities, including poor mental or physical health, low financial capability, low financial resilience or a life changing event.

If we can help organisations understand the personal reasons for non-payment, we can build long term resilience and wellbeing in their customers. Social Responsibility, is not just a nice to have….

TellJO can use social responsibility to reduce costs and improve the wellbeing of your customers.

Help, not harm…

How’s your Company vulnerability Strategy looking?

Feel free to take our Vulnerability mini audit

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